Monthly Archives: August 2012

Slammer sketching


I actually often start my fly tying in the slammer. Not starting it. But plans for a pattern starts in the toilet while taking a break from the family. Excited one rumbles out with pants around the knee and sketch the idea on the first piece of paper and put it in a box together with the fly tying equip. Im not much of a sketcher, but I’m great at enjoying the bathroom and the ideas gets on that piece of paper for reminders.


Caddisfly pupa


Hook Hends 404 size 14
Body Shape cut 2 mm foam, any color really. (I use super glue to attach it. Makes it more stabile when tying it.)
Legs Microfibetts.
To make it more visible when it gets dark I attach a orange piece of poly yarn.

Night of the caddisfly pupas

I walked the river for 10 hours. Spying for rising trout and grayling. Nothing. The river was floating its way down without any surface disturbance. I dropped dead on the ground under the bridge and fell asleep. I woke up to a party with caddisfly pupas. Seven beautiful two pound grayling could not resist my imitations of the caddisfly pupa swimming for the riverbank to hatch.

Caddisfly pupas


Bromance trip

Just came back from a trip with friends John and Kalle. This helicopter trip to the swedish highlands was a birthday gift to Kalle. It would become more of a bromance trip than chasing personal records. Though Kalle caught the biggest grayling of the trip, 2.4 pound. The wine was perfectly temped and the beer was laying in the Kaitum river waiting for us coming back from daily trips.

Checking the heli out!