Fly tying – The ant

One of the “must have´s” in the dry fly boxes when fishing lakes in Norway is the ant, with or without the wings. It is easy to tie and demand few materials. The nutritious ant living in the norwegian woods are irresistable for the trout and you can fish it almost through out the whole season.

Hook: Any barbless dry hook in sizes 12-16. I tend to use Hends 404BL or 454BL.
Body: Cut foam in a thin strip, about 3 mm, a bit longer than the hook.
Body dubbing: Any black og dark brown, or a mix of the two.
Wings: Acutaly any material that can symbolise wings. A piece from a plastic bag, just make sure to strecht it out.
Legs: Hackle matching the size of the hook. Three or four turns is enough.

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