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When the Going Gets Tough

Photo cred Espen Ørud
Vebjørn Kielland punishing the ArcticSilver Free-Flex tropic shark style fighting an 18 pound salmon. Photo cred Espen Ørud

Recently I got signed with my sponsor ArcticSilver Innovation in Norway. The moment I signed the deal, boss Robert Selfors, asked me to go on a trip fishing for sea trout and salmon in Finnmark, a place I always wanted to go fishing. I will try not to bore you with stories about when I forgot all my rods at the airport, far away from where we sat basecamp. Or the night, when we worn out, on our way back from the river got pulled over in the middle of nowhere because they had a check on seat belt and drivers license, which I did not bring into the wild, and actually talked my way out of a ticket.



ArcticSilver Free-Flex – the pink elephant

norwegian highlands arctic silver

So far this season I have walked many rivers. I have met all kinds of fly fishers. Thin. Fat. Young. Old. Old school. New school. DoD-friends. Trout murders … and so on. They all have one thing in common when they discover the cold piece in my hand. The gaze!


Meditation time

First dry fly trips of the year is like waking up. You find yourself on your knee on a mire. No wind. Sun thaw you up. No action. Almost in a meditating state of mind. Aware of the easy spooked fish. Not making any moves. You just sit there. With tons of theories spinning in your head. Ant? Mosquito? Spring mosquito? Leader too thin? Too thick? Too short? Any thought makes you doubt in your choices. But then again, the ant always works. With or without wings.


Seatrout bonanza

The last few weeks has given us really good seatrout fishing mid in Norway. Loads of trout in the fjords, and we see a lot of big fish as well. Our best experiences has been with a varieties of shrimps but on days with no wind the silver torpedoes goes crazy about the scuds in shallow water. This spring we have been chasing the silver of the fjords all over west- and eastside of the fjords south of Oslo, and the west coast of Sweden. Same result all over the map – tons of seatrout! Not much river walking but many milage behind the wheel …


Spring and scud = Klympen

Spring sprung early this year. At the moment there are alot of trout in the Norwegian fjords. You find them if you look and when you do you will find lots of them. Since the season started this early both the scud and the
polychaetes (børstemark in Norwegian) are in full action in the fjords.

scud, klympen, loppe
A variant of Klympen, a Danish scud pattern.

polychaetes, børstemark, borstorm, sandmask
The polychaetes, or børstemark in Norwegian

Première en 2014

Its over with. First trip of 2014 is done. It was a pretty sweet start of the season. A 4.4 pound solid silver torpedo ended up in the net. The salty taste of norwegian fjord started the season, as always.

Night driving


The path of the fly fisherman never ends. Either you walk or sit behind the wheel. We depend on our wheels as much as a good pair of wading shoes. Often we travel at night. Often our refuge is a gas station along the road. To rest a worn out soul or to kick start it for continuation. Basically the menu contains of sugar, caffein and junk. We get to see the night creatures at these places. These lukewarm nights at the station with the greaser Impalas or their daddy’s Caddi makes you appreciate the night driving.

The hunt for trout

I had a great season with grayling. Had a bunch over two pound with a high of three pound. Now the hunt for a big brown starts.


The new moustache style.

Night grayling. Three pound?


On the look out.

Prepping for the next round in the river.

These nights


These nights when big trouts rise. What they feed on you don’t have a damnfuckingmaddafakka clue about. You can’t move. Then they spooke. I love it.

The release

iWalkRivers The release from I Walk Rivers on Vimeo.

iWalkRivers likes the release as much as the catch. We give life back.