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When the Going Gets Tough

Photo cred Espen Ørud
Vebjørn Kielland punishing the ArcticSilver Free-Flex tropic shark style fighting an 18 pound salmon. Photo cred Espen Ørud

Recently I got signed with my sponsor ArcticSilver Innovation in Norway. The moment I signed the deal, boss Robert Selfors, asked me to go on a trip fishing for sea trout and salmon in Finnmark, a place I always wanted to go fishing. I will try not to bore you with stories about when I forgot all my rods at the airport, far away from where we sat basecamp. Or the night, when we worn out, on our way back from the river got pulled over in the middle of nowhere because they had a check on seat belt and drivers license, which I did not bring into the wild, and actually talked my way out of a ticket.



ArcticSilver Free-Flex – the pink elephant

norwegian highlands arctic silver

So far this season I have walked many rivers. I have met all kinds of fly fishers. Thin. Fat. Young. Old. Old school. New school. DoD-friends. Trout murders … and so on. They all have one thing in common when they discover the cold piece in my hand. The gaze!