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Meditation time

First dry fly trips of the year is like waking up. You find yourself on your knee on a mire. No wind. Sun thaw you up. No action. Almost in a meditating state of mind. Aware of the easy spooked fish. Not making any moves. You just sit there. With tons of theories spinning in your head. Ant? Mosquito? Spring mosquito? Leader too thin? Too thick? Too short? Any thought makes you doubt in your choices. But then again, the ant always works. With or without wings.



Hatch is on

Strap on them waders. The hatch is on!


Flyfishing toads

Fishing from bellyboat give you advantages. No doubt. It also make you look like a toad. Impossible to take a leak from looking like you actually have a wiener. Impossible striking a nice “pro fly fisher” pose from. At least you reach those damn trouts you been giving names so many times.

Strike a pose toad


LoFi making of Heptagenia Sulphurea


Hook Hends 404 size 12
Thorax Fly Rite #23 Olive Sulphur
Body Very yellow Turkey Biot
Hackle Whiting Grizzly
Tail Microfibetts