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A caddis night


That feeling, when you wake up and the first thing you remember is the night before. Loosing that BIG trout. You stalked it, watched it and sneak upon it for two and a half hours and missed the catch. That feeling!



A fly fishermans biggest threat

Morning has its gold

The biggest threat a fly fisherman might experience is Not going fishing. A three week break from the shore line and you are fucked. Morning might look like gold. Then, after 12 executive hours of pounding #7 in winter storm winds puts your body in a “used wet glove falling to the ground” state. Tomorrow aint really the day I need at this moment. The entire body hurts. Actually I need to get back on that horse and keep on fishing. Remember, never take a break from fly fishing.


Slammer sketching


I actually often start my fly tying in the slammer. Not starting it. But plans for a pattern starts in the toilet while taking a break from the family. Excited one rumbles out with pants around the knee and sketch the idea on the first piece of paper and put it in a box together with the fly tying equip. Im not much of a sketcher, but I’m great at enjoying the bathroom and the ideas gets on that piece of paper for reminders.

The beast

I am not going to bore you with 15 pics of brown trout and grayling. I give you the goodie!
I snatched a two day trip before going on family vacation. The condition in the area looked phenomenal and previous results trigged the nerves out of my system. With “Elvis beach”, by one of my Swedish favourite bands The Bear Quartet, in the speakers, me seeing fish fight episodes in slow mo in my head and the pedal to the metal, the atmosphere in the car was ecstatic.


Temptress and tempted

The temptress …


and the tempted.




Bornholm 2011

This movie is shot with iPhone 3GS, edited in the simplest free editing program.
The scenes are shot during two days on the Danish sea trout paradise island Bornholm.

Music Mumford & Sons
Title After The Storm

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