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Seatrout bonanza

The last few weeks has given us really good seatrout fishing mid in Norway. Loads of trout in the fjords, and we see a lot of big fish as well. Our best experiences has been with a varieties of shrimps but on days with no wind the silver torpedoes goes crazy about the scuds in shallow water. This spring we have been chasing the silver of the fjords all over west- and eastside of the fjords south of Oslo, and the west coast of Sweden. Same result all over the map – tons of seatrout! Not much river walking but many milage behind the wheel …



Butt stuck

Two years ago I made this clip. And the season starts about now. Often with visiting south parts of Scandinavia. Friends are heading to danish sea trout pearls as Møn and Bornholm. I am butt stuck up in the snow up north. Feeling sorry for myself. I still got a month or so before my season starts. With a bit of luck three weeks. Until then I will remember these days on Bornholm.

Music Mumford & Sons
Title After The Storm

It´s winter time


It took a while this year. But now it´s definitely here. Winter time came along with a storm of snow. No mercy along the shore line.


The real sucker

Who’s the real sucker here? Me at the office receiving this picture or he who sends the mms? I know who I would point my finger at.

Hangover cure

Yesterday was all about boeuf bourguignon, Barolo, cinnamon sour apple cocktails and vodka. To many. No rehabilitation for a fly fisher. Today was all about hangover cure. Autumn has started. The dry fly season gets closer to the end. Nights are getting colder. The temperature of the norwegian fjords slowly drops. The sea trout comes back from the ocean in search of its mating river. A new season has started. It will take some time to adjust to the heavy equipment. It will be crispy.



Night of the caddisfly pupas

I walked the river for 10 hours. Spying for rising trout and grayling. Nothing. The river was floating its way down without any surface disturbance. I dropped dead on the ground under the bridge and fell asleep. I woke up to a party with caddisfly pupas. Seven beautiful two pound grayling could not resist my imitations of the caddisfly pupa swimming for the riverbank to hatch.

Caddisfly pupas


Bromance trip

Just came back from a trip with friends John and Kalle. This helicopter trip to the swedish highlands was a birthday gift to Kalle. It would become more of a bromance trip than chasing personal records. Though Kalle caught the biggest grayling of the trip, 2.4 pound. The wine was perfectly temped and the beer was laying in the Kaitum river waiting for us coming back from daily trips.

Checking the heli out!