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Première en 2014

Its over with. First trip of 2014 is done. It was a pretty sweet start of the season. A 4.4 pound solid silver torpedo ended up in the net. The salty taste of norwegian fjord started the season, as always.


Hangover cure

Yesterday was all about boeuf bourguignon, Barolo, cinnamon sour apple cocktails and vodka. To many. No rehabilitation for a fly fisher. Today was all about hangover cure. Autumn has started. The dry fly season gets closer to the end. Nights are getting colder. The temperature of the norwegian fjords slowly drops. The sea trout comes back from the ocean in search of its mating river. A new season has started. It will take some time to adjust to the heavy equipment. It will be crispy.



Bornholm 2011

This movie is shot with iPhone 3GS, edited in the simplest free editing program.
The scenes are shot during two days on the Danish sea trout paradise island Bornholm.

Music Mumford & Sons
Title After The Storm

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