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Seatrout bonanza

The last few weeks has given us really good seatrout fishing mid in Norway. Loads of trout in the fjords, and we see a lot of big fish as well. Our best experiences has been with a varieties of shrimps but on days with no wind the silver torpedoes goes crazy about the scuds in shallow water. This spring we have been chasing the silver of the fjords all over west- and eastside of the fjords south of Oslo, and the west coast of Sweden. Same result all over the map – tons of seatrout! Not much river walking but many milage behind the wheel …



Première en 2014

Its over with. First trip of 2014 is done. It was a pretty sweet start of the season. A 4.4 pound solid silver torpedo ended up in the net. The salty taste of norwegian fjord started the season, as always.

It´s winter time


It took a while this year. But now it´s definitely here. Winter time came along with a storm of snow. No mercy along the shore line.


A fly fishermans biggest threat

Morning has its gold

The biggest threat a fly fisherman might experience is Not going fishing. A three week break from the shore line and you are fucked. Morning might look like gold. Then, after 12 executive hours of pounding #7 in winter storm winds puts your body in a “used wet glove falling to the ground” state. Tomorrow aint really the day I need at this moment. The entire body hurts. Actually I need to get back on that horse and keep on fishing. Remember, never take a break from fly fishing.


The real sucker

Who’s the real sucker here? Me at the office receiving this picture or he who sends the mms? I know who I would point my finger at.